13 years old, Rainbow Bridge

Update February 16, 2021:

It’s so hard to have to break the news that yesterday SECR said a tearful farewell to our distinguished gentleman, Ranger, as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge with his foster Mom by his side.

Ranger had been getting lots of love from his Mom and his foster brother, Trigger, and working on walking with a wheelchair to boost his mobility. But, we’ve also been treating him for months for an antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infection and managing his pain for the disc disease that was diagnosed by our veterinary neurologist.

Over the weekend Ranger was vomitting and appeared to be in discomfort, so his foster Mom took him in for urgent care yesterday morning. Testing revealed that poor Ranger was in renal failure, had severe pancreatitis, and a kidney infection. He was short of breath and was suffering. His prognosis was very poor, and there was nothing our vets could do to stabilize Ranger or improve his quality of life. We made the decision he needed us to make for him, and his Mom was by his side so he knew he was safe, loved, and appreciated until the very end.

Decisions like this are never easy, but we’re always thankful for the time we have with dogs like Ranger. We’re also thankful for our fosters who show strength for our pups and are there for them when they need it most.

Rest in peace, Ranger. We love you always.

August 29, 2020: Welcome Ranger to SECR!

The SECR family is growing again! Please help us give a warm welcome to Ranger!

Ranger is a 13-year-old distinguished gentleman who comes to us as an owner surrender because his Mom and Dad have some health issues preventing them from being able to give him the ongoing care that he needs. Ranger recently began experiencing some mobility issues so one of our first priorities with this sweet boy is to have him checked out by our vet to make sure he gets the treatment he needs. In the meantime, his foster family – led by foster brother Trigger – is getting Ranger settled in and assuring him that everything will be ok.

We’ll share more about Ranger as we learn more about him.