5-year-old female Corgi mix, Rainbow Bridge

Update August 29, 2021:

We’re so sad to share the news that one of our beloved fosters, Rosa, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Friday with her foster Mom by her side.

Rosa came to SECR with an advanced case of heartworm and she had been receiving treatment. We were excited that, this Spring, she was responding well and had successfully completed her treatment. However, after a battle with prolonged heartworm disease, some pups can develop long-term health side effects. Such was the case with Rosa. She had respiratory issues likely resulting from worm fragments having entered her lungs and developed a cough that quickly progressed into Pneumonia.

Rosa was rushed to the vet for emergency care. Attempts were made to intubation her and put her in a hyperbaric chamber to facilitate easier breathing, but unfortunately her lungs had filled with fluid and nothing could be done to save her.

The loss of any one of our rescues is difficult to bear, but especially when it comes as a result of complications with a completely preventable disease. Please talk to your vet about heartworm and make sure your dogs and those you care about are on monthly prevention.

RIP, Rosa. We love you, and are lucky to have had you with us for the time we did.

January 24, 2021: Welcome Rosa to SECR!

Roses are red, violets are blue.
We have another Corgi to introduce to you!

Say hello to our newest rescue, Rosa! We pulled this girl from a shelter, where she wound up as a stray, and are focusing on getting her the healthcare she needs to be the best Corgi mix she can be. Rosa is heartworm positive and also had a bad case of fleas that left her with some scabs on her skin that we’re treating. Despite it all, though, she’s a happy pup that likes to play and has A LOT to say!

We’ll share more about Rosa as she tells us more about herself. Welcome to the family, sweet girl!