Senior corgi mix, Rainbow Bridge

April 25, 2023: Rest in Peace, Rusty

It breaks our hearts to share the news that another one of our own, our sweet Rusty, has left us.

Rusty joined the SECR family last May as a shelter pull after her previous owner passed away and she was facing an uphill battle of her own. In addition to mobility issues, Rusty had a baseball-sized mass on her hip that veterinary testing revealed was a soft tissue sarcoma. We didn’t know how long we’d have with Rusty, but quantity never mattered with this girl. Our focus was on quality and giving her the best final chapter of her life no matter how many pages were in it. Rusty started feeling better after she had the surgery and other medical and dental care she needed along with regular grooming that also helped her look and feel her best. But, more important than anything in giving Rusty her new lease on life was the fact that she had a new forever foster family to stick by her side and help her through whatever she was going to face.

For nearly a year – longer than any of us truly expected to have Rusty with us – this girl thrived because she was loved. She had two human parents dedicated to giving her the very best care they could and corgi and corgi mix foster siblings who were eager and willing to make her a part of their daily fun and shenanigans. Rusty was able to focus on all the good things that came into her life because she had a family that wouldn’t let it be bad – even on the hardest days. She may have been an old lady slower on her feet than her siblings, but she still appreciated romps in the yard, long sniffs of even the smallest spaces on her walks, and wagging her tail as she watched the dogs in the yard next door through a shared fence. She also appreciated the simple joys of being able to chew on her beloved bully bones. When she first came into rescue doing that was hard given the poor condition of her teeth, but the care she got fixed that and let her experience what is, for a dog, some much needed bliss. She loved mealtimes and looked forward to the nighttime treats for which she’d trot so fast you’d think she was a dog half her age. Greenies are, after all, the best. Rusty appreciated the simplicity many of us too often take for granted and, like most of our senior rescues, reminded us that the seemingly little things in life are always the biggest and most important ones.

Rusty experienced a rapid decline over the weekend that caused her to have difficulty moving, relieve herself, and eat. A visit to the emergency vet confirmed she was beginning to suffer and there was little chance that any further medical treatment could improve her condition. We don’t let our dogs suffer – especially not after they’ve given us so, so much – so we did the kindest thing we could do for Rusty and let her go. She left peacefully with her foster parents at her side, being reminded how much she was loved and always will be.

Rest in peace, sweet Rusty. We love you, and are so thankful for the big impact you made on our lives in such a short time.

May 16, 2022: Welcome Rusty!

Last week we posted a plea for foster applicants with room in their hearts and homes for senior and special needs corgi and corgi mixes. Today, we’re introducing one of our reasons why. Say hello to Rusty.

Rusty is a senior corgi/collie mix that joins the SECR family as a shelter pull. She was surrendered there because her owner passed away and family was unable to care for her. She comes to us with her own set of critical health issues, and addressing every single one of them is a priority for us. Rusty has significant dental rot, mobility issues that make walking on stairs a challenge, and a firm, baseball-sized mass on her hip that testing with our vets reveal is a soft tissue sarcoma. Rusty is scheduled for surgery later this week, and while it may not be possible to remove her tumor with completely clear margins we’re hoping to get enough to give her a fighting chance. In the meantime, we’re doing what we can to make Rusty feel loved and comfortable – including a bath and luxury spa treatment. Because, just like with humans, when you look better you feel better. Rusty has an uphill battle, but despite the challenge she’s been a loving girl with affection towards every person and animal she’s met. She deserves our help and, just like all our other rescues, she’s going to get it.

If you want to join us help Rusty and other rescues with uphill battles of their own, please visit our foster page on this site to get more information and apply. We need your help.