Senior ~ Female ~ Corgi mix ~ Rainbow Bridge

UPDATE 5/19/2021

Saying goodbye, or just see you later, to our fur kids is never easy and never something we’re ready for even when we know it may be time. Such is the case with our sweet girl Shelby.
We shared earlier this week that Shelby was struggling with elevated liver counts and it breaks our hearts to have to share with you today that she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She suffered a grand mal seizure, and unfortunately given her condition there was nothing else the emergency vets could do to save her. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge early this morning while in her Mom’s arms, where she was continually reminded that she’s a good girl who is loved oh so very much.
We are thankful for the three and a half years that Shelby gave all of us – much more than we ever thought possible when she first arrived. She reminded us all just what it means to be a fighter, and her spirit is one that we will all remember – and admire – forever. Special thanks to Shelby’s adoring foster Mom, who was by this girl’s side every moment and loving her through every obstacle. It’s never easy to be there for the hard stuff, and we’re grateful that we have so many people in the SECR family that show up for our dogs every single time.
Rest in peace, Shelby. We love you.
Shelby Memory

UPDATE 4/8/2020

While we’ve all been isolating, Shelby’s been practicing the art of snuggling. With her Mom, and her stuffies! Don’t you wish you were snuggling with Shelby right now?

We love you too, Shelby! So much.



Together with her foster, SECR has made the decision to keep this lovely girl in her foster home as a hospice foster. Shelby has age related issues, some mobility problems, and there is a chance of her mast cell tumor recuring. We felt it was prudent, in view of likely medical expenses, to have her stay put where we can make sure she gets the help and loving care she requires.

Update. It turns out that one of little Shelby’s many masses is a mast cell tumor. She’ll be having that excised, along with several large lipomas, in a couple of weeks. Please send this little old lady your good thoughts, so that she can enjoy a few more years of retirement. Meet Shelby, a sweet senior corgi mix who was dropped off at a shelter after her owner had to go into the hospital and had noone to care for her :(. Shelby has a great personality, gets along with other dogs and loves cuddles and stuffed toys. Shelby will be in foster till she sheds a few pounds – we all know how hard that is to do. After that, she’ll be scheduled ot have a lipoma removal and then she’ll be ready for a forever home!