~12 years old, Rainbow Bridge

February 6, 2023: Rest in Peace, Sonia. We’ll love you always.

The stars are shining just a little brighter these days.  We are heartbroken to share that our sweet forever foster Sonia “Skippy” recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This is a tribute from her foster Mom:   

One of the most difficult aspects of being in rescue is not knowing the background or history of the pups we bring into our lives. Sonia was no exception.  After being found wandering along a road two years ago, Sonia joined SECR as a senior who had obvious physical limitations.   Besides being short an ear, Sonia had very severe arthritis in her front legs which gave her the appearance of having a funky little skip when she walked. So, she was dubbed “Skippy” by her foster family. Skippy also had arthritis in her back and declining hearing and eyesight. None of these things kept this golden girl from enjoying the good life in a home that didn’t think of her as a “forever foster” but just as a “forever.” With the never-ending support from SECR, Skippy received help with her arthritis and medical conditions and lived for almost two years as a pampered and cherished family member. She loved going on walks around the lake, visiting her Pappy, and laying in the sun and had a great pack of fur-brothers and sisters.   But her favorite thing was bedtime snuggles with mom.  And food. 🙂

Recently, Skippy started having more mobility issues, mental decline and an antibiotic-resistant infection. An ultrasound revealed that she had a functioning tumor on her adrenal gland and a mass on her spleen as well. She could not overcome all of these problems and she was tired.  There was no suffering and no pain. Skippy crossed the bridge at home in the sunshine, surrounded by love and her family.   

To love and be loved by a senior rescue dog is a special honor. Skippy will live in our hearts forever. Please honor her memory and consider opening your hearts and homes to these beautiful, deserving seniors. The amount of time you have with them cannot be counted in days, only in infinite amounts of love.

February 6, 2021: Welcome Sonia to SECR!

It’s a beautiful weekend for rescue! There’s another Golden Girl in the house, and her name is Sonia!

Sonia comes to us as a stray shelter pull. Her finder saw Sonia wandering down the middle of the road and kept her safe and cared for until her stray hold was up. However, she has a young child and due to Corgis’ unpredictability around kids we were all in agreement she’d thrive the most in a home without them. Sonia has some arthritis in her spine and hips that we’re treating with anti-inflammatories to boost her mobility, and we’re giving her dewormer to take care of her whipworms. Initial testing shows Sonia does not have heartworm, which is wonderful given that we don’t really know how long she’s been on her own. We’ll be giving her monthly preventatives until she can be tested again in 6 months, as there can be a lag period until heartworms show up in testing on newly-infected dogs.

We’ll post more about Sonia as we learn more about her, but for now she’s happily settling into her foster home after her vet visit and a nice bath and nail trim. Next on the agenda? A whole lot of TLC.