Senior female, Rainbow Bridge

Update June 7, 2022: We’ll Miss You, Summer.

The amount of time we get with each of our dogs in rescue is never the same. But, whether we have them for days, months, or years, we treat them and love them all just the same – like the critical parts of our family that they’re meant to be. More often than not our seniors were dealt poor hands for far too long. They eed our help to get on the right track and live their golden years knowing the love they should have received all along. Such was the case for Summer.

Summer came to SECR almost a year and a half ago after spending 12, maybe 13 (we never really knew her exact age) years not knowing the first thing about living as a member of a family. She spent most of her time living alone outside, and it wasn’t until she came to us in January 2021 that her luck changed. Summer was surrendered to us because her family realized they couldn’t give her the time or care she needed to thrive, and we gladly stepped in to help.

We started our relationship thinking it was going to be a pretty short one. Summer was heartworm positive, had renal disease, and was already showing signs of ALS and dementia. But, despite having a long, uphill battle and knowing that might not make it to the top, we took Summer in to do everything we could to make sure her last days or months were good ones. Something pretty miraculous happened when Summer arrived in her new foster home and starting receiving medical care and emotional support. She started smiling. She started playing. She enjoyed short walks. She learned (thanks to her foster brother, Freddy) how to always look as cute as possible to get the best treats. Summer started getting love and giving it back tenfold, and over the last year and a half we’ve marveled at how hard she’s fought to stick things out and keep living her new, good life.

Unfortunately Summer’s condition declined steadily over the last week as she slowed down and no longer wanted to eat. She was suffering so her foster parents did the hardest, best thing for their girl yesterday by seeing her safely over the rainbow bridge.

Rest easy, sweet Summer. We have a forever place for you in our hearts and thank you for reminding us what it means to rescue.

January 12, 2021: Welcome Summer to SECR!

Another day, another Corgi (mix)!

Please put your paws together for Summer, our newest addition to the SECR family. Summer’s previous owner was unable to provide the time and attention needed to care for a dog, so she was surrendered to us so we can ensure she gets the life she deserves. Summer has been an outdoor pup for quite a long time, so we’ll be focusing on getting her readjusted to the indoor life with a family. We’ll also be getting her the veterinary care she needs – including heartworm treatment.

Welcome to the family, Summer. Things are going to start looking a lot brighter – we’ll make sure of that.