Senior ~ male ~ Rainbow bridge

Update: It was determined that Tucker most likely had a brain tumor, and was in discomfort, so we have helped him to the bridge.

Update 4: From Tucker’s foster mom: He has been very quiet with not much activity at all. Mostly sleeps. I have to pick him up and take him out. He has lost strength in his legs and tends to fall sideways or plop down after a few wobbly steps. This may be due to the meds. Certainly the Valium chills him but I’m not sure it attributes to this loss in mobility. Started him on the seizure med last evening. Also since starting him on chicken and rice diet on Thursday he has gobbled it up each meal. But after eating this AM he threw his breakfast all up. I’ll feed him several small meals. He took his cheese w med inside with no problem.

Update 3: 13 year old Tucker and his foster mom are home after a rough night and morning. His seizures were stopped with Valium and he has been placed on phenobarbital. We are not sure what is causing the seizures. His previous owner did not report a history of seizures however he did not have good care. So we just don’t know. We’re not sure if the current seizures are due to a brain tumor, or ehrlichiosis, or are a side effect of his sulfa antibiotic. His bloodwork was normal. Thank you for all the recommendations. At this point his quality-of-life is not great. He has been stumbling when he previously could walk and he had not eaten since last Saturday until this morning. Please continue sending Tucker and his foster mom your good thoughts.

Update 2: Tucker began having some episodes at night that his foster mom thinks might be seizures. So this old guy will be heading back to the vet tomorrow for an evaluation.

Update 1: Tucker is having a hard time making the transition to rescue. He was diagnosed with bladder stones and also ehrlichiosis along with poor dentition. He doesn’t like his new stone dissolving diet even moistened, and did not tolerate his multiple antibiotics, vomiting them up. His foster mom has been trying boiled chicken but he hasn’t been interested. We have held his doxycycline and cephalexin and we put him on famotidine to help his GI issues at our vet’s recommendation. Tucker finally took his med with some peanut butter though he spit it out when his foster mom used creamy peanut butter, only getting fooled when she switched to crunchy peanut butter! And though he refused chicken and rice he finally ate some of his foster sister’s dog food this evening. He doesn’t seem to be in any distress. Foster mom is keeping a close eye on him, and he’ll be going back to the vet in the morning if he still decides that he still doesn’t want to eat much.

Meet Tucker. This 13 year old boy just had his world turned upside down. His senior owner is going into assisted living, so Tucker lost his home. The poor boy was terrified in the cage at our vet’s office, where he will be undergoing a thorough evaluation. More info to come as we learn more. We are hoping he has no serious health problems. He does have some mobility issues but that is likely due to his weight (he was 50 lbs in the past, now he is 40 something. We will take good care of you, sweet boy. #southeastcorgirescue

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