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Operation Corgi Drop (Or When Christmas Came Early To SECR)

For us, every corgi is a gift.  So bringing 13 corgis into rescue on one day (Nov. 3rd) was a bit like having christmas come early.  Knowing these pups were from puppy mill beginnings and recognizing they were likely to have more health and behavioral issues than normal, we were especially anxious to bring them into the SECR fold.

But we wouldn’t get to wait patiently for our gifts to appear under our christmas tree.  We would have to play Santa — and be the elves — and work like raindeer too.  And we wouldn’t have a year to plan everything out.  We only had weeks to find the right foster homes for 13 dogs.

So we took our wait list of foster applicants and our barebones list of corgi pups (with only a number, age, color, and sex to go by) and with well honed organizational skills, a flurry of emails, phone calls and a little elfin magic, we found a home for each of the 13 dogs.  And then we coordinated a caravan of volunteers to transport them to their foster homes across 3 states.

A huge SECR THANK YOU to all who helped (through donations, time and effort) to start these pups on a wonderful new life and to all the families who opened their homes!

And, a huge SECR welcome to the 13 14 dogs (yeah, we got a bonus corgi and that wasn’t our only surprise) of Operation Corgi Drop.

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