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Sept & Oct 2022: Welcomes and Congrats

LET US WELCOME! Please give a warm SECR welcome to five new pups who came into rescue in September & October — say hello to Pixie, Arlo, Asher, Darma, and Bentley: PIXIE ARLO ASHER DARMA BENTLEY As always we will take the time to evaluate each of these pups and make sure they gets the… Continue reading Sept & Oct 2022: Welcomes and Congrats

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Funding Their Happiest and Healthiest Lives

The mission of Southeast Corgi Rescue is not just to find homes for corgis and corgi mixes in need, but to help our rescued dogs thrive and put them on the road to living their happiest and healthiest lives. Of course, doing this requires a tremendous amount of time, effort, and care from our many… Continue reading Funding Their Happiest and Healthiest Lives

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Have You Thought About Becoming A Foster For A Corgi?

Hey corgi fans! Are you looking for a way to get more involved in rescue? We could use your help. We’re in critical need of more foster homes. We can only bring into rescue dogs we have a foster home for them to go into! We need fosters who: Are 21 years or older Have… Continue reading Have You Thought About Becoming A Foster For A Corgi?

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June-July 2022: Welcomes, Celebrations, And Goodbye

Summer is in full swing and so is the four pawed corgi invasion with a steady stream of new pups coming into rescue.   It will take a bit of time to evaluate everyone and make sure they get the medical care, training, and socialization needed to make them adoption ready. In the mean time… Continue reading June-July 2022: Welcomes, Celebrations, And Goodbye

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March 2021: Welcomes and Celebrations

SECR volunteers and fosters were extremely busy in March. Five new dogs came into rescue, which required foster families to be found, transportation to be organized and coordinated, vet visits to be scheduled, evaluations to be made, bills to be paid ... but we wouldn't have it any other way! Welcome Navie, Chester, Gracie, Sami,… Continue reading March 2021: Welcomes and Celebrations

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Supporting Our Forever Fosters

Puppies steal the show with their energy and antics and immediately become social media favorites, but nothing warms our hearts like the senior pups and especially our beloved Forever Fosters.  These are our older pups that come into rescue with age and end of life health issues.  Our wonderful fosters take them into their hearts… Continue reading Supporting Our Forever Fosters