Forever Fosters, SECR Alumni

Sebastian At The Rainbow Bridge

It is a sad start to the new year for Southeast Corgi Rescue as another of our forever fosters has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.  Sebastian, a handsome Fluffy Corgi/Vallhund mix, came into rescue at age 17 after his elderly owner could no longer care for herself, or him.

Despite his age, weight, arthritis and kidney issues, Sebastian had several wonderful months with his forever foster family enjoying a comfy bed, good healthcare, lots of attention, running around in the yard, barking for tacos (which, to his regret, he didn’t get), and most of all, he had a girl of his very own to love. In turn, he provided his family with lots of sass and spunk, and an equal amount of love.

Unfortunately, Sebastian’s health took a sudden turn yesterday and we knew he was suffering. His foster mom held him as he took his last breath, telling him that he was a good boy, and that it was ok to rest.

Sebastian LOVED food and he was quite vocal about it. One of our favorite memories of him was when he (left) and his foster bro Brodie (right) try to out beg (demand) each other for some bites of taco (middle)!  Neither won, but not for lack of trying.

Rest in Peace our sweet sassy Sebastian.  We will never forget you.