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March 2021: Welcomes and Celebrations

SECR volunteers and fosters were extremely busy in March. Five new dogs came into rescue, which required foster families to be found, transportation to be organized and coordinated, vet visits to be scheduled, evaluations to be made, bills to be paid … but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Welcome Navie, Chester, Gracie, Sami, and Lewis.  It will take some time for us to check out their health and get to know them better, so they aren’t ready for adoption yet.  But, you can learn more about these amazing corgis and other dogs in our care — HERE.

Of course the best part of rescue is being able to celebrate adoptions. And March was a very good month for SECR. Four of our dogs found the their forever homes.

Congratulations to Sia, Cora, Ginnie, Maize and their new forever families!  (You can learn more about these dogs and others adopted in 2021 on our Alumni page — HERE.