April-May 2021: Welcomes, Celebrations, And Goodbye

The last two months have been busy for SECR as we warmly welcomed Bindi, Ringo Star, Suki, Devi, and Phoebe to rescue.  It generally takes a little time for us to check out the health of each dog and get to know them better before we make them available for adoption, but you can learn more about these beautiful corgis and others in our care — HERE.

 You can learn about SECR’s fostering process (June is foster a dog month!) — HERE and our adoption process — HERE.

Congrats to Rashi & Mara

Of course, tail wagging congratulations go out to happy pups — Rashi and Mara — and their new forever families!  (You can learn more about these dogs and others SECR adoptions in 2021 on our Alumni page — HERE.

In Loving Memory Of Shelby

Due to health and age, we always have too little time withour Forever Fosters before they pass on to the rainbow bridge. Miss Shelby was Miss Personality with a captial P. She became something of a mascot for many in SECR. Despite the many ups and downs of her health issues and eventually losing most of her hearing and sight, she still enjoyed life and was adored and lovingly cared for by her Forever Foster Mom for three and a half wonderful years.

Goodbye sweet Shelby. You will always have a special place in our hearts.