More Welcomes & One Goodbye

To say that August was a crazy month for SECR would be an understatement. While recent month had been raining corgis, in August we had a deluge and flash flood of corgis. Beside the 7 puppy mill dogs of Operation Corgi Rescue 2.0, we took in another 7 corgi and corgi-mixes.

Please welcome these cuties (You can learn more about all our dogs — HERE):

Sadly we also had to say goodbye to one of our fosters in August. Rosa came to SECR with an advanced case of heartworm. While she responded well and successfully completed her treatment, she later developed respiratory issues likely resulting from worm fragments having entered her lungs. Despite the best efforts of all involved we were not able to save her.

Rest in peace dear Rosa. You will always have a place in our hearts.

The loss of any one of our rescues is difficult to bear, but especially when it comes as a result of complications from a completely preventable disease. Please talk to your vet about heartworm disease and make sure your dogs are on monthly prevention.