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Funding Their Happiest and Healthiest Lives

The mission of Southeast Corgi Rescue is not just to find homes for corgis and corgi mixes in need, but to help our rescued dogs thrive and put them on the road to living their happiest and healthiest lives. Of course, doing this requires a tremendous amount of time, effort, and care from our many amazing organizational and foster volunteers. But equally important is the continuous and generous support of SECR donors who make it possible to fund the critical medical procedures, therapy, rehabilitation, and professional training that are needed for these dogs.

2022 has turned out to be an extraordinarily busy and expensive year for Southeast Corgi Rescue. We’ve had 80 dogs in our care this year alone (38 of which have been adopted with 3 more pending adoptions). And, despite being an all volunteer and foster based non-profit with no salaries or facility cost to cover, we’ve accrued nearly $115,000 in expenses in 2022 strictly to care for the dogs in rescue.

Medical expenses — 95,045.92
Rehabilitation expenses — 12,499.83
Supplies, training, etc. — 6,423.68

All of our dogs live in volunteer/foster homes for several months (many much longer) before we make them available for adoption. Each dog that comes into SECR is given a thorough health check and evaluated for behavioral issues. We want to know and address the needs of each dog to the best of our ability. And, we want to ensure that when they leave rescue, we are giving them their best chance at a wonderful furever future in their new furever home.

Almost every dog that comes into rescue has at least one health or behavioral issue. But many of our dogs come to us with multiple serious issues that are in need of treatment. Even routine dental cleaning, health checks and updating of vaccinations and monthly preventatives adds up quickly with the volume of dogs we get in rescue.

These are just some of the dogs with health issues & treatments funded by SECR in 2022.

Orthopedic Surgery, Rehab and Physical Therapy:


Routine and Ongoing Medical Care:


Emergency Medical Care & Surgeries:


Professional Training for Behavior Modification and Socialization:

We want to give a hearty and heartfelt THANK YOU to all the amazing people who have donated to, fostered/volunteered with, and/or adopted from SECR this year. We literally could not do what we do for the dogs without your help and support.

The needs of rescue are never ending, but YOU can make a difference. Please consider: