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Hydro Therapy For Cinnamon

Southeast Corgi Rescue isn’t just about finding new furever homes for corgis. For us, rescue is about the health and well-being of each dog and making sure they have the best chance to be healthy, loved, and thrive. Beyond the routine vaccinations, microchipping and being spayed or neutered, many dogs that come into rescue are in need of more serious medical treatment.

Three year old puppy mill survivor Cinnamon (one of the spice girls) was one of those dogs.

Shortly after she came into rescue she lost the ability to move her hind quarters and could only scoot. She was in pain and anxious. The vet determined that it is most likely a congenital defect made worse by having multiple pregnancies and carrying large litters.

Its been a long road, but after two ACL surgeries on her hind legs, Cinnamon spice is rocking her Hydro therapy to strengthen her front shoulders.  We are so proud of this beautiful little girl!

Thank you to her foster parents for their amazing care and all who supported her with thoughts, prayers and donations!